What’s Hot In 2017

Do you want to know what’s hot in 2017? It can sometimes be hard to keep up to date with all the latest trends and styles that are popular. What can be a favourite trend can turn quickly into a bad trend. We are here to help you with our style forecast for 2017. Whether you are revamping a room, renovating or building we have the latest and greatest products and styles at your finger tips.

As most of you know our mother company is Stirling Homes QLD. These guys build some very amazing homes and they keep in mind affordability, style, elegance and practicality. From their very own style and colour team I have got a hold of one of their talented ladies Liane Redford to give us some tips on what is trending in 2017 when it comes to paint colours, tiles, carpet, splash backs, bench tops and fixtures.

Liane believes that the cooler greys and whites are a must with strong elements such as wood and stone. A few more patterned tiles are making a comeback and with small splashes of colour. Also keep in mind the natural look there will be more terracotta and cork textures used through homes, also lots of texture be it in rugs throws or cushions. Don’t leave out the super trending emerald green fabrics for furniture too.

The mixture of the texture in the bathroom image below is stunning with the shiny tiles, raw timber of the stool and with patterned matte floor tiles.. Its seems a bit of everything but it works well together.

What's Hot In 2017 What's Hot In 2017

I am loving the sounds of this forecast! Cork??… I know right sounds a bit strange. Cork actually doubles its goodness as it makes the house give off a warm and inviting feel, while also adding texture and one more thing it helps reduce noise as it is a great noise blocker. The options with cork are endless how perfect would a wall of cork be for an office or study….hmmm… think of the things you could pin to it? Check out these cool cushions that we have in store at Hampton & Harlow.

What's Hot In 2017 What's Hot In 2017What's Hot In 2017 What's Hot In 2017

So Liane also mentioned terracotta now I do have to say this isn’t one I think I will be warming to quickly. I feel like it’s a flashback from the 80’s! But… I have done some research and it appears it not quite the same terracotta as I was imagining. Matte raw terracottas seem to be the way to go whether this be as a feature wall or even a floor cover.

Check out the images below when you heard terracotta I bet you never though it would look this fabulous.

What's Hot In 2017 What's Hot In 2017

Emerald green is trending in furniture and hey I believe that, I have noticed it everywhere at the moment especially in in sofas and I totally get why, they look for regal and elegant especially teamed with gold elements.

Look at these images below can you understand why emerald green is trending?

What's Hot In 2017 What's Hot In 2017

What's Hot In 2017 What's Hot In 2017

Now while we are on the case of greens, accents of greenery in the home is still a popular piece this year so spread the life in your home with some greenery!


What's Hot In 2017 What's Hot In 2017


We want to hear from you. Which new trends are you loving or hating that are forecast?