Sugar, spice and all things SLATE

I may be biased because I love all things grey, but how on trend is slate right now? Pick up any catalogue or design magazine, and you’ll find slate, in one form or another.

Slate cheeseboards have really taken off recently, and for good reason. Visually, the colour palette of cheese and charcuterie is wonderfully appealing. There are even companies now offering customised slate cheeseboards – including offering a monogram service!

Bath accessories have had slate options for a while now – both in its natural form, and in a more generic ‘slate colour’ – to tie in with the slate style/coloured tiles and stone options that are also available. These create a very raw, natural atmosphere.

Of course, slate-stone tiles (both floor and roofing) have been around for years, to the point of being vintage! Of course, slate roof tiles can be found on many modern homes, with the cut and shape changing with the times to create a more sleek, sharp appearance.

No matter which form of slate you choose to include in your home, I definitely recommend checking the care instructions – while beautiful, slate can be a temperamental material!

Do you have any slate items around your home?

Rothbury-Cambridge-07_banner imgres img44z_48842_WE stacked slate