Styling a children’s room

When its time to style your children’s room, thats when the fun starts!

there are so many different themes and patterns to choose from, where to start? Us girls at Hampton & Harlow are here to help. We have a new range of children wear that is suitable for all ages.
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For the young ones, these gorgeous cushions will put a statement into the room as well as be loved dearly by your children.
nicnac_feltgarland_1148_cdbd265d-4bcb-490b-8fae-ae7a32ee3bb6_grande-300x200 galah_feather_garland_on_wall_large-300x183
Wall bunting looks outstanding behind a white wall, really pops with colour and adds some fun to the room.
Screen-Shot-2016-03-12-at-9.09.14-AM-300x284 nicnac_teepee_openSM_grande-200x300
eepee’s look super cute in the corner of a room, with a blanket, cushions and your children’s favourite teddy bears. This is not only a feature but fun!
Good luck!