Our Top 3 Prep Tips When Selling Your Home

When it comes to saying goodbye to your home and putting it on the market it can be quite daunting and scary as to where to start when it comes to de cluttering and making the home look presentable for inspections or walk throughs at short notice.

Seeing you may have lived in your home for years you can sometimes miss or be blinded on important issues when it comes to the presentation of your home such as cleaning and this being a crucial time to make it look its best and show every space to it’s fully potential.

Our Top 3 Prep Tips When Selling Your Home

I have put together a few tips that will help you when it comes to presenting you home the best way possible so let’s get organised!

1. Opinions matter and it’s time to ask those super honest friends of yours for some guidance when it comes to your home. Sometimes you can be blinded even though you may be in your home everyday, ask their opinion on what needs work.

2. De-clutter!! This can be a hard task but when it’s done you will feel so free and this helps prepare you emotionally for the move. Sort that stuff that you have never got around to and create three piles taking, donating and throwing.
Often buyers can overlook what they should be really looking at whether it be flow, lighting or space, as they want to know whats happening with the people that already own the home. Subconsciolusly they are comparing your life and theirs as they would be aspiring for a better way of life or home when they move. So the point to this is if your home has too much of your personal story then there is no room for theirs.

Our Top 3 Prep Tips When Selling Your Home  Our Top 3  Prep Tips When Selling Your Home

3. Keep your home clean, this is super important and can sometimes be difficult when you have young children or are busy all the time.
But it makes such a difference, could you imagine going into a home that is messy and unclean?
As a buyer you would be looking at that thinking I feel like I already have to clean and I am not even in the home yet. For some in-depth tips on cleaning and decluttering check our forsalebyowner they have some really cool cleaning tips and tricks.

Our Top 3 Prep Tips When Selling Your Home
So a recap:

Get opinions

These three main tips will help you sell your property and move into your dream home and start another chapter in your life.

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