Our Top 3 Books

Our Top 3 Books

Did you know that we now have a small range of books available in store?

From home decor and styling to gardens and equestrian. We have our top 3 books from our latest collection below with a small blurb about the contents of each of these beautiful books.

Our number 3 pick is….

3.  150 Best New Kitchen Ideas $49.99


150 Best New Kitchen Ideas offers interior designers and homeowners the latest in modern and traditional kitchen design. Showcasing 150 profiles of the most stunning compendium provides innovative solutions and practical advice for creating attractive, functional and affordable kitchens, no matter the size of the space. Explore the diversity of current trends from concept design to to beautiful finished kitchens- there is no shortage of ideas or wares to make cooking a  much more pleasant experience.

150 Best New Kitchen Ideas

Now for number 2

2. Country Style Homes $39.99


From the pages of Australia’s much loved Country style magazine comes a beautiful book that brings together a collection of gorgeous homes. Taking the reader on a grand tour , it visits rustic hideaways, stately rural mansions and quaint coastal cottages, as well as converted churches, peaceful getaways and family nests and will leave you yearning for your very own country home

Country Style Homes

Now for our number 1 top pick from our fabulous collection it is..

As you may have notice Hampton Harlow Equestrian has officially been launched as a branch off from our lovely Hampton & Harlow brand. We are super excited for the new journey and to celebrate that we have selected this book as number 1!

  1. The Stylish Life Equestrian $79.99

Transcending sport and spectacle, all hints equine and equestrian have captivated and charmed an elite global audience. Including horse racing, show jumping and polo, amongst other horse declines, this book encapsulates the glittering people, international events, fashion and cultural impaction such arenas as design and entertainment- that equine have had on the world at large. International sporting competitions featured are the Kentucky Derby in Louisville to Royal Ascot in England to Prix de l’Arc in Paris, to events in Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Beijing, and many others. As you flip through the pages, Peek inside luxurious horse stables and riding arenas, and marvel at the sheer glamour of star athletes and equestriennes, resplendent in their riding attire.

The Stylish Life Equestrian


That concludes our top 3 picks. If you have any books that you may be interested in please let us know and we can order these in for you.

Which out of our top 3 picks interests you the most?