Open your life to open shelving!

If you are looking for some new ways to style a room that requires items to be stored or displayed, look no further. We’re going to give you not one, but FIVE fantastic reasons to consider open shelving in your home or workplace!
Image via 4 Better Home
Number Five: Easy Access
Open shelving allows you easy access to whatever you have stored or placed there. This is especially handy when the shelving is above head-height, as it means you don’t have doors to open or worry about – you can just reach simply up and grab whatever it is you are after. 
The downside to this, of course, is if you have these at a lower height, and also have small children – this could be a huge risk, depending on what you are storing (breakables, anything hazardous, etc). Definitely keep this in mind when planning!
Image via Factor Fabrication
Number Four: Showcase your style
Nothing allows your style to be seen like…showing it! Instead of hiding your gorgeous dinnerware and accessories behind cupboards, flaunt it with open shelving! You can enhance the look by also placing a few decorative items – or items you wouldn’t necessarily keep in the same space as your dinnerware!
Something to keep in mind when placing shelves like this is that there is a fair chance they may get splatter or residue from cooking on the cooktop – so could require regular cleaning or wiping down.
Image via Next Luxury
Number three: Organisation
In an office environment, open shelving is absolutely ideal. It allows you to have complete control over the organisation of the space. It also allows you to have visual access to files where they are stored, which can be a huge time saver – being able to scan quickly through your files rather than looking through multiple cupboards, which is a huge time waster.
The key to keeping the area organised is making sure the files are put back in the correct place – while having the shelves open does save time, if the files organised are not using a system everyone understands, they may still end up in the wrong place.
Image via Pinterest
Number two: Range of options
Once you’ve made the decision to go with open shelving, you’ve really opened yourself up to a new world of opportunities! Because you aren’t restricted by cupboard size, there are some gorgeous shelving options available. Think outside the square with this one – while the floating open shelves do look great, there are also a HUGE range of bookshelf/standing options, that can be used for countless types of items – books, decor, tableware, etc.
This is also a great opportunity to be creative – if you are handy, you could DIY some shelves to suit your space, or contract a cabinetmaker to custom make them for you.
Image via Houzz
Number one: Aesthetics
Let’s be honest – open shelving just looks fantastic! You could choose to have it for no other reason than that. Symmetry is also not necessary – while you do need to keep it in mind to a certain extent (for example, don’t place all the bulky items on one side, spread them out a little), these spaces can look better with a little variance!
You will need to work on keeping it tidy though – if you’re committing to have everything on display, you need to commit on keeping it display-worthy!
Have you got any tips on how to style open shelving?