Nursery Trend Alert

When planning a nursery it can become quite difficult if you don’t know the sex of your baby.  It is becoming a popular trend at the moment to not find out what you are having.  There aren’t many surprises these days and I think first time mums are setting the trend again to keep it a secret.

So what to do with the nursery??  If you are into bright colours they are definitely in style with the retro look and if done right can be quite cute.  Navy blue or red seem to be the bright colours of choice when the sex of the baby is unknown so that you can either add the light blue’s to the navy if its a boy or splash some hot pink if its a girl.

The neutral colour of choice seems to be grey or silver.  This is such an elegant colour and once the baby is born it is easy to throw in colours to match the baby’s theme.

Wall Decals and wall paper are still huge but i think people are quickly getting sick of  tree’s and deers and the NEW TREND ALERT with animals are sheep.  They are cute, they symbolise sleep & can be adjusted to suit either gender.  So if you are looking for the perfect theme to add to your new nursery look at throwing in sheep decals, a wall paper vertical stipe off sheep or even just one toy sheep on a shelf or chair and you will be showcasing the latest in baby designer rooms.

Have any of you recently decorated nurseries if so please tell us your story or theme?