Minimalists have style too!

People often think that minimalistic interior is lifeless and dull, others just don’t know when to stop before areas start to look to busy. You can still incorporate your style and personality into a room without overcrowding it. A house that is busy with decor and colours can sometimes feel a little over powering and more often then not you may find it harder to relax and impossible to keep clean.
The atmosphere of the room below screams style. It does have a basic layout however this is over ruled by the interesting art and different layers and textures provided. The low key colour palette chosen allows for the room to still captivate its guests.

With such limited items it’s almost miraculous how subtly elegant this little space is. The decor is quiet and allows for a relaxing calm atmosphere, which is key for a study or office. Its contemporary style has a very indirect way of creating a captivating setting.


Another perfect example of simple styling is this lounge room below. An understated couch dressed up with cushions and throws complimented by the deep rug and an interesting feature shelf makes for a smooth way of adding your personal style.
Neutral tones are a great way to lessen a busy room. Colours themselves can make an area seem over crowded. Each person is different however studies have shown that if a room is too dark it can cause some people to become depressed or down. If a room is to bright you can feel stressed out and hurried. Earthy tones portray a calm, relaxed, safe environment.
If you’re wanting to take it back to the basics, think black and white. This image below features a very clean and crisp, low key approach. Even with the lack of colour in this setting below there is still a gorgeous minimal style.