Minimalist Styling – Bedroom Edition!


Minimalist styling is being seen more and more, in styling magazines and blogs lately. Years ago, having a ton of decorative pieces in your bedroom was the trend, but today, people are clearing their space, and having very minimal styling pieces on display.


Bedrooms are the room in your house, which is the most personal room in your home and you can have as much clutter or barely anything at all. This post is for the girls and guys who are loving the minimal look!




This clean white dresser is sophisticated and simple. So it’s a really a no brainer to why you would clutter this with styling pieces. As to what to place on your dresser, is completely up to you! You can lay your favorite perfumes in a glass-mirrored tray; add a framed print or photograph, a succulent for a touch of green and any other little decorative pieces that you have in mind!




This dresser is still very minimal with their decor pieces, but is just a smaller space, so it may appear more cluttered. These pieces don’t necessary fit into a ‘style’, but they do flow well together. The mixture of colors, patterns and textures just complaint the white dresser, wall and the beautiful star of the show, the Gold mirror.




The bedside table is the key place that you want to keep minimal and extremely simple! When styling your bedside table you need to think practical, because when you go to bed, most of will place our phone, moisturizer, lip balm and other night necessities. But on the other hand, you still want it to look stylish!

This post definitely features white furniture as the base piece for your simple styling, but you could so easily switch it out for any colour you love!

Depending on your bedside table size, really depends on how many items you can place. My biggest tip, is no matter what, get a lamp, if you are anything like myself, you may want to hop into bed, read for a while or catch up on your social media!


Happy Minimalist Styling!