Lovely Lighting!

Lovely Lighting
Are you confused when it comes to how much light each room needs in your home? Well you are not the only one. Lighting is used too create a flattering ambience and appropriate lighting needs to keep a room lit well depending on what you do in this space.
Here are some tips for each space in the home.

Dining Room :

The table is the main feature of the room so make it the brightest spot. Use a chandelier or some stunning pendant lights for the other lights in the room indirect lighting is the way to go. If you have a side board you can always use lamps.

20279_Jersey_Pendant dining-room-lighting-ideas-solid-wood-dining-table-upholstered-chairs-wine-barrel-chandelier



Overhead lighting so important for this space, dimmers are perfect so you can bring more light in when cooking if desired. The look of multiple pendants in a row along a kitchen bench looks stylish and adds a touch of character to the kitchen rather than then usual down lights.


1722_1-1 Kitchen Lighting



The bedroom is where you want to relax and unwind so make this space cozy. Lamps are convenient and suited to this space if you want to get up during the night you have easy access to light. Low wattage is best for this area.

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Lights! Lights! Lights! Bright lighting is a must in the bathroom, as we all know it is important to have this for make up application etc. Side lights are always a great idea either side of the mirror. Also overhead lights help to fill in any shadows on your face and illuminates the room.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 6.54.07 am bathroom-lighting


If you needing more information or help on what lighting to choose for your space, pop into our Hampton & Harlow store and speak with one of our staff members and we will find the perfect lighting for your home.