Immerse yourself in the power of aqua

New technology means water doesn’t just come shooting out of the tap, showerhead or bath outlet any more – there are many styles of water dispersion now that will create a truly luxurious experience. Waterfall, rain, air drop, satinet and body spray are just a few of these options.
We’ve focussed on three below to give you an idea of what is out there for your new home build or renovation!
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If you’ve ever stood under a waterfall, you’ll remember the incredible feeling of the water just pouring down onto you. The Nikles Pure LED Blade shower head features two spray types, meaning you not only get a standard dispersion, but also the incredible ‘waterfall’ spray. This truly luxurious option is the ultimate way to relax and take time for yourself to reenergise. It also features a white LED light, which is extremely handy for those fully-walled showers that don’t let much light in.
There are also many options available in waterfall bath outlets, which would be the perfect pairing to your waterfall showerhead. The waterfall bath outlets, however, are not ideal for freestanding baths, as they tend to have quite a short reach which means if your freestanding bath is not hard up against the wall (or has a thick edge), the water may not reach the bath. This is definitely something to keep in mind when making your selection.
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Body Spray
The Teknobili Loop Body Spray is the perfect addition to an indulgent overhead shower. These sprays have concentrated jets for all your pressure points, and will definitely add a point of difference to your shower. They will absolutely complete your shower experience, you’ll definitely think you are at a day spa!
These are perfect to include in your new home build – better than in a renovation, as they are hard (sometimes not possible) to retrofit, and also require good water pressure to be worth installing.
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This Methven Aio showerhead is without a doubt the ultimate revitalising shower experience. While it looks very minimalist in style, the spray effect is wide and fan-like, while still being the strongest rain spray. It is truly an incredible way to cleanse!
This, as well as the Nikles Pure waterfall still have a 3-star WELS rating, which is the same as a standard rail shower. It’s also available in a twin showerhead, with one fixed and one handheld if this is the option you prefer.
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If you are looking at upgrading or already have some of these items in your home, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below!