Have you always wondered how to dress a bed?

Strange question I know.. The first thing I always wanted to learn when I started working for this beautiful company was how to dress a bed and I did! Here are some tips to when it comes to dressing your bed. Now that it is getting into the cooler weather there is nothing like a comfy warm bed to sleep in.
Dressing a bed is a bit like dressing yourself. Choosing your favourite colours to have on your bed within the same colour palette is a must even different shades of the one colour can add depth and look fantastic.
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Textures are the fun part! When using a neutral colour palette textures can be a way to add a bit of crazy without having to add bright colours. Try not to go overboard with textured fabrics like furs have just two fur cushions and make the rest of your textures quite plain.
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Throws are always a great idea. The finishing touch to the bottom of your bed would have to be a throw.If your bed spread is lighter grab a darker throw, this will create depth and look amazing.
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Folding Technique
When creating that luxurious look for your bed there are a lot of techniques but one of my absolute favourite would have to be the roll. This is where you just roll by our bedspread from under your pillows into a soft puffy roll. This adds layers and makes the bedding look super soft and comfy and hey it’s much better then just throwing the bedspread over the pillows.
Pillows & Cushions
Pillows and cushions are a great way of tying all your textures and colours together and show how well they work. On a standard bed you will have two pillows in with your sheet set the two for your quilt cover and add in some textured euro’s, then add a cute small cushion for the front line, something with an animal or a theme that will tie in with your colour palette.
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What colours would you go?
There are so many styles, colours and textures out there it can all be a bit daunting so if you need any advise of help pop down to our store and see our friendly staff and browses through our gorgeous bedding collection.