Dressing your windows

Do you prefer your windows dressed or undressed?

When completing your homes internal decor do you like the idea of show casing your windows dressed with furnishings to suit?  Here are some great ideas for furnishing your windows from Luxaflex –
Aluminium shutters to enlose your back alfresco not only give privacy and protection from the weather but also still allows the natural light and external view in giving your outdoor entertaining area an on trend decor finish.
Vertical blinds are one of the most common furnishings we see for window furnishes,  they can be mistaken as a bit old fashioned, did you know there is a choice of so many colours now to chose from and that verticals can create an illusion that your windows and doors stand tall?
Roller blinds are a seamless way to furnish any window or door in your your home especially in a room where your decor is the centre point of the room.  Roller blinds are hidden away almost like a part of your wall with a discrete facade that doesn’t take the emphasis off your rooms scheme.
Do you go for that coastal airy look in you homes decor?  Timber or plantation shutters are a great way to create this look.  Made up of horizontal slats their finish creates a  wider look to your windows frame. Although it is probably the more expensive furnishing of window dressing it would be my favourite look.
For more great window furnishings ideas to chose from to complete your new homes window furnishings refer to more images like these on the Luxaflex home page, go into inspirations and view images.  Do you prefer privacy and your windows dressed or like the open feel of outsides natural light flowing in and left underdressed?
– Belinda