Country Style!

Do you love country style?

Country style has come a long way from chunky timber furniture, the more modern take on country style includes your timber pieces still but with a more delicate look and
with less complicated designs.



Cozy yet upbeat colours seem to be the trend when wanting to achieve a modern country style. For example barn reds, sage greens and straw yellows to add a crisp and lightened look to a room
don’t forget whites and creams.
Remember distressed finishes just scream country.




Simple accessories are the trick when it comes to styling up your country home. Pottery and creamware are great options also some great storage option would be straw baskets, these are perfect for storing rolled towels for the bathroom or just
storage for under the bed or on top of a cupboard. Add some water jugs as vases bring some nature inside with some gorgeous daises. Antique mirrors are a great way to make spaces look larges and just look stunning.



Would you go country?