Changing up your BBQ area!

Is your barbecue area just irritating you and you need to change? Here are some great ideas for outdoor areas of all sizes that will make you and the family want to spend every night outside.

This outdoor area is definitely a place for entertaining the family, with a large 6 burner barbecue and wood fired pizza oven everyone will go to bed satisfied. We all know that homemade pizza is better as you can use the ingredients you want and there will always be more toppings on yours than a Dominos Pizza. Plus here are great little spaces cut into the bench space to keep your wood dry. Have a look at that table! Now that is a solid outdoor table that all your friends and family will be able to sit around and swap stories all night.


(Image via Pinterest)

This little gem is perfect for places with limited room such as those with decks or even as an addition to the pool area and it even includes the kitchen sink. What a great idea to add a nice little bar fridge to keep the drinks…. I mean condiments cold. Also there is plenty of storage under the nice stainless steel barbecue and there is a nice size cupboard under the sink to hide a rubbish bin keeping the area clean and neat which is a must in such a small space.


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Now this is a great entertaining area for those with a small courtyard or very limited space. Plus how neat is that barbecue area? This one has to be one of my favourites of all time, it makes having an outdoor area available to everyone and it doesn’t matter the size of their yards. Have a look at the size of the barbecue inside there and there is plenty of bench space as well. The best feature has to be that door, when you aren’t using the barbecue you can just shut the door and hide everything.


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What better way to get the family (especially the children) outside and into spring then by having a large pizza oven and fully equipped outdoor area. This really shows the meaning of an outdoor kitchen with plenty of bench space a sink, a gas burner and even a gas oven under the bench on the right hand side. The size of this area shows it would be great for large get togethers or even a perfect spot to have Christmas lunch. The kids and even the big kids at heart will love being able to cook their creations in their own large pizza oven.


(Image via Pinterest)

Do you have any ideas for the barbecue area you’d like to share?