Christmas Lookbooks 2015

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Summer Cushions


Are you wanting to freshen up your home for Summer? Why not start by adding some of our stunning new cushions. Available in a range of colours, patterns and textures you’re sure to find something to give your home a finishing touch. If it works with your current setting try adding in some pops of […]

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Christmas Theme for H & H Blog & FB

Christmas IDeas 2

We all know Santa arrival is close, but if you are like me and thinking we have ‘plenty of time’ think again! We have less than 6 weeks to go… So let’s get into the spirit and get Christmas styling ideas. We love changing and adding themes every year to the Christmas Tree and this […]

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Glassware elements for the outdoors this summer!!!

glass 6

When entertaining outdoors we always seem to lean towards plastic, wether it be from our cutlery, dinnerware or drink cups. Have you ever stopped and thought of using glassware when you next recreate an event. Glassware these days is available in so many shapes, sizes, colours and textures and used in various ways like as […]

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Minimalistic with one large feature or focal point. To me thats what sophisticated kitchens are all about. If you’re wanting to achieve this look closed cupboards and a simple colour palette is best. You don’t want a busy colour scheme. A few kitchen accessories and some greenery is a good way to show off your […]

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Sophisticated Style

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 7.58.11 am

Whenever I hear the word sophisticated I envision a sophisticated person I know or some gorgeous sophisticated styled home. It would be formal but comfortable, very elegant and practical. I have put together some images of what I would call sophisticated style for every room in the home. With this lovely living room, simple furniture […]

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Art is one of the best ways to express who you are to your guests, and the ultimate luxury accessory to your home. It can completely transform a space. Whether it’s an understated image that complements the decor within, or a bold, statement piece that serves as a conversation starter, the right artwork really makes […]

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Trending Thursday

Do you enjoy a home interior that is on trend? Well get ready because wallpaper is back, not in the way your nan decorated every wall with it, but in bold statement pieces. Wallpaper is trending right across Europe also in the form of a feature wall. Don’t cringe when i use that word because […]

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What we love!

Stirling Homes bathroom Designs

What we love Wednesday’s is all about a bit of designer fun and today we are excited to show to some Concrete bathrooms styles that we have just fallen in love with on our Pinterest board. Keeping with the Modern grey colours concrete is not only stylish but practical to build with. Having such a […]

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Sophistication comes with lighting up a room

Spohisticated 1

When it comes to lighting its something we usually pass off as standard, something to give us light and nothing more. What about making a statement in a room using lighting. Gone are the days we would just have the basic light bulb fixture in our ceiling. There are some versatile lighting solutions on the […]

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Beach Essentials


Well the warmer weather has definitely hit wouldn’t you say?! This lovely weather calls for endless weekends spent at the beach soaking up the rays! We’ve got your beach essentials worked out! If you’re going to strut your stuff across the sand then you better have a super stylish towel to finish your look off. […]

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Saturday Summer loving!


Are you ready for summer, it’s on its way? Sooooo excited. Nothing better than those warm gentle breezes wafting through the bedroom windows in the early hours and you just know it’s going to be a fantastic day. The secret to a perfect summer is to plan your mornings and let the day unfold from […]

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