Winter Luxe


Autumn is here and winter is on its way, are you as excited as me? I just love the winter months as it brings a whole new interior styling into focus. For me it’s textural elements that create interest and comfort. Earthy tones that reflect the colours of the change of season. It’s a time


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Autumn Interiors


Autumn is that time of year where every ray that filters through the home is cherished. At the same time we enjoy the rich tones of nature as we settle in with some warmer fabrics and colours. Feel like imbuing your home with some seasonal spirit? Don’t be afraid of brown. When your walls and ceiling […]

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Are your shoes making a mess of your home?


The entry hall will always look messy if you can’t find a simple and practical way to store and organize your shoes and those of your guests. It’s the same thing for the walk-in closet or dressing room. It’s a problem we all have to deal with but there are lots of clever solutions. You […]

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Glamour styling on a budget


I love the idea of a glamorous house, however, I’m definitely a “champagne taste on a beer budget” kind of girl! So I’ve been researching some thrifty ways to create a ‘glamour look’ in the home, without the price tag: 1. No chandelier? No problems! Cant afford that delicious chandelier you’ve been salivating over? Hang […]

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Wonderful Woods


So we’ve all seen the large use of raw and natural timbers in homes lately but what about completely leaving the wood untouched and using it? Here are a couple of designs that really appreciate the natural look of well, trees. If you’re thinking of adding a book shelf into your home then why not try […]

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Handy Hidey Holes


Are you wanting to add  a small space just for something a little extra? A trend I’ve noticed recently is having narrow shelves that reach from floor to almost ceiling.They are so handy and are quite appealing to the eye. They can be used for almost anything, check out these options You can store fire […]

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What do you really think of Vintage Style? I don’t know, I guess I’m not convinced I actually want to live with this no matter how much I look at it and think I love it. There is so much to love in these vintage rooms, the amazing concrete style trough and cool old copper […]

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Gorgeous Gold


Have you noticed a lot of gold around lately? I have noticed touches of gold everywhere at the moment whether its a gold pattern in a cushion, or splashes in a painting, in clothing and on labels for skin care products. It’s come back in a big way with a less regal look and a […]

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Black and white styling

Home Office styled in black and white colour palette

Wanting to change up your home? I am currently obsessed with black and white spaces. There’s something about the stark contrast, paired with the fact that most of them are minimally done. I don’t know where or why it all started, but I slowly saw the style everywhere and then fell in love.This style is pretty much a […]

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Warm up your home this winter  


Winter is fast approaching, and, if you’re anything like me, you like your home to flow with the seasons. For me this means creating a bit more warmth in the home. If you’re not sure how to do this in your own home, here are a few tips:   1.   Re-vamp your walls Warm up […]

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Cosy Winter Cushions


Cosy up your interior style this Winter with our gorgeous cushion collection! With the Colder months ahead its always nice to keep your home warm & cosy but also a little bright & cheerful! We have the most beautiful array of cushions that are just perfect for the job.     The Suzani Blue Cushion […]

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Perfect Nursaries

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 4.17.56 pm

Are you designing a nursery? Here are some adorable ideas for you to try, weather you know if your having a boy or girl or not you can still decorate the room to suit either. In this nursery below the colour can be suited for boy or girl as it is such a soft colour […]

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