Pops of colour around your home!

colour 3

Pops of colour around your home! With the silly season behind us who doesn’t wish they were still soaking up these summer days. Its so simple to create that holiday feeling all year round in your own home using simple decor features. Wall art brings your walls to life giving them depth and height. Scattering


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Minimalist bathroom designs!

stacked slate

    Something I’ve seen trending recently is a minimalist bathroom design. Its such a good concept for a bathroom; it helps to keep things neat, tidy and organized. The word minimalist often brings to mind thoughts of stark, cold and clinical, which is far from true providing you design it right. While you’re going […]

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Lighting In Your Home!


Global lights make a beautiful feature to any outdoor area, in the pictures above the lights bring out a great pop to the area. What a great way to brighten up your house with a vintage ladder decorated with lights and branches. This idea of lighting is funky and will definitely catch the eye of […]

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Modern Monday

Over on our face Book page we featured a modern look of a designer walk in robe, so to keep the fresh modern Monday vibe lets get inspiration for a main bedroom. Building your dream house is something we love to help our customers with and it is the details you add to make it […]

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Decorating with Baskets


Baskets are not only great for markets and beach travels but they make for a unique storage idea and give a natural organic look while making your home feel charming and welcoming. They are available in many shapes and sizes and made from many different materials. I have noticed lately that they also look great […]

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Swim into Holiday Season


There are thousands of ways to get the look that you are on holiday or in a lovely resort right at home in your own backyard. There ere are many ways to decorate around it. Most luxury hotels around the world know the value of adding private pavilions to the poolside, creating a private oasis. This […]

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Luxurious Sunday!!


Luxurious Sunday!!! Who doesn’t love Sundays? The lazy day of the week, the day we get to stay curled up in bed. When choosing the right linen for your room do you consider the choice of prints or colours to match in with your decor surroundings or do you prefer the amount of thread count, […]

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Designer Wall Paper

wall 1

Are you a fan of wall paper? Its definitely been a design that has come and gone over the years. More commonly today we are seeing it as feature walls or a statement as our kitchen splash back. Would you chose one that reflects your personality or home decor. When using wall paper in your […]

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Whats on Trend Thursday

timber 4

Timber flooring is becoming one of the most popular on trend floor coverings within homes in todays choices. With so many options to choose from we don’t necessarily have to go natural. Timber laminates and timber look tiles are definitely the on trend pick. Both come in a range of colours, widths and lengths depending […]

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Outdoor Lighting!


Outdoor lighting is a must in every house hold, but here are some fun ways to mix it up and give a different inviting vibe to your home! This vintage wooden ladder wrapped with globe lights, and decorated with vintage chandelier crystals and branches makes great lighting! And something different to the home, I think […]

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Are you someone who loves to get away on a caravan holiday?


Are you someone who loves to get away on a caravan holiday? Are you someone who loves to feel like your’e always camping close to the beach? Well, this just may be the style of holiday house kitchen you need. Such a cool concept of a nod back to the sixties with the style of […]

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Out with the old and in with the new!


Summer is upon us and its time for a change. What a great way of changing things up, a new plant adds colour and refreshes a dull spot in your home. This cute and stylish bar cart is great accessory for an event, all your guest will be refreshed in a stylish matter! Bright colours […]

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