Stairway to Heaven


There is something about grand staircases that just makes me think luxury! I can just picture myself standing at the top like Mia from the Princess Diaries and walking down into a palace. I still live in hope that I am a secret princess… Check out these amazing staircases! If you are building or renovating a


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Contemporary VS Mid Century Modern


Cool Contemporary or Mid-Century Modern? Do you love contemporary style but feel it can be too cold? Well perhaps contemporary with an eclectic edge is more your style. The use of timber and concrete in this home has taken off the hard edge and is leaning towards a mid century modern look. But it’s the […]

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Experimenting with Patterns


There is no such thing as over the top with patterns, especially when colour is on the cards! These outrageous floral  patterns bring this space to life. Layering patterns can be tricky, but don’t be afraid to be bold. When using a busy pattern like this one, use block colour to even out the space. Single […]

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Sunken Rooms

photo #5

Sunken rooms are such an audacious way to invite a new style into your home. Wiether you are the cozy, snuggly type or love to entertain, these selected styles are so atmospheric you’ll never want to leave! The simplicity of this  room gives of a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The open roof directly above leaves it […]

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Curb Appeal


Landscaping is so important! It can be the difference between someone buying your house or the house next door. You can completely change the view and value of a home just by using smart and creative ideas.   Below are some examples of how smart landscaping completely can completely change the view of a home.   […]

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Dark Wall Style

Dark Walls 1

Being a fan of white interiors, I also do admire the depth of a dark moody wall that is full of style. Today is all about sharing with you the biggest on trend secret at the moment, the dark wall effect. Even with one dark wall in a space you can create a feature a […]

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Boho Design


Today’s blog is about all things boho!! Check out the feature pics below and be inspired to transform your space. Room #1 is a fabulously earthy Boho styled bedroom. Fairy lights, interior plants and shabby styled cushions create such a relaxing environment. Note the simple colour scheme used in this space, less is more. Feature picture #2 […]

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Greenery Introduction


Are you looking for a little indoor greenery but feel less confident when it comes to choosing the one right for your home?? We have collected three of the most popular ways to incorporate greenery in the modern home. #1 Succulents  Like intricate little sculptures, mini cacti and succulents are attractive and easy to look after. The […]

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Mix & Match


Gold and copper not only will you see as home decor furnishings, check out the extended decor of taps, sinks and lighting making a speedy return.  Mix & match using block shades of colour. Below are some images of how you can mix and match different colours in your home.   Wallpaper is a great […]

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Rocky Mountain High


If you are ever lucky enough to find yourself in the Rocky mountains of Colorado, you will be blown away by its unique beauty. The architecture is also unique to the Mountains. There is a definite style all of it’s own and you either love it or hate it. But in fairness it’s a style that […]

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Tile Mad


Have you been watching the block lately? Well there was a one bathroom renovation that really inspired us, so we just had to do a blog about it! Hexagon or honeycomb tiles are a great way to modernise and add texture to your interior. It is so unique and impressive and is a great alternative […]

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Marvellous Marble


Marble is seriously trending at the moment and we can show you why! It is such a timeless style that always looks rich and luxurious. Below are some images of how you could incorporate marble in your home.      Marble counter tops and splash backs just scream class! It’s also a great alternative to using Granite […]

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