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3 Ways To Cosy Up Your Bedroom   Do the cooler months make you want to cosy up your home? Winter is approaching fast and some days it’s hard to want to leave the bed. We know the feeling. We live in sunny Queensland and we certainly don’t suffer the cold as bad as other states but it


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About Arthur Ave.

About Arthur Ave.

One of the popular brands in our store for kids clothing is Arthur Ave. The inspiration behind the style of this company was from Natasha being brought up and being able to put her design input into outfits that were hand made from her mother and grandmother while she was younger. She knew this was her […]

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Attic Inspo


The attic is usually the most neglected room of the house. It is the dark, abused room full of cobwebs and wasted space. If you’re looking for a way to extend your space without tearing down walls and expanding than decluttering your attic for a revamp is the way to achieve this.  Below are some […]

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Styling with bookcases

Bookcase 3

We are obsessed to make every room of a home more stylish and love sharing all of our tips and tricks for you to do. Bookcases can easily become a mess and as they are on display lets get some fabulous ideas to style up a storm in your bookcase area, or even if you […]

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Styling using a coffee table

coffee 4

  Is a coffee table a decor item you would consider when styling?  With the right finishes a coffee table can make a room warm and inviting or modern and simplicity. There are so many shades and textures to consider when choosing the perfect table to suit your decor.  From the industrial look using wrought […]

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Have you always wondered how to dress a bed? Strange question I know.. The first thing I always wanted to learn when I started working for this beautiful company was how to dress a bed and I did! Here are some tips to when it comes to dressing your bed. Now that it is getting […]

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Styling a children’s room


When its time to style your children’s room, thats when the fun starts! there are so many different themes and patterns to choose from, where to start? Us girls at Hampton & Harlow are here to help. We have a new range of children wear that is suitable for all ages. For the young ones, […]

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Lovely Lighting!


Lovely Lighting Are you confused when it comes to how much light each room needs in your home? Well you are not the only one. Lighting is used too create a flattering ambience and appropriate lighting needs to keep a room lit well depending on what you do in this space. Here are some tips […]

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Architectural Tuesday’s!

Stirling Homes Blog 1

We fall in love looking at stunning Architectural Designs, today on the blog we wanted to share some minimalist style homes. All with clean lines, boxed style windows to create something amazing with contemporary ideas. Not only is Architectural designed homes just about the house foot print it also extends to the look of the […]

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Sugar, spice and all things SLATE

stacked slate

I may be biased because I love all things grey, but how on trend is slate right now? Pick up any catalogue or design magazine, and you’ll find slate, in one form or another. Slate cheeseboards have really taken off recently, and for good reason. Visually, the colour palette of cheese and charcuterie is wonderfully […]

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Study rooms in your home!


When living in a crowded environment, we dream of that special personal cave where you can relax, think, and have some well-deserved alone time, all the while being productive. And even though the images that come to mind when thinking “study” are leather chairs, cigars, a bar hidden in a rich wooden library, it’s not […]

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Affordable ideas for your home!


When money is scarce, it is time to be more resourceful and creative. Updating your home interior need not be expensive – repurposing objects in the home, displaying found objects or even adding a feature wall can breath new life to your home.   Here are some affordable ideas to injecting some new style to […]

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