Black is the new black!


It’s one colour (or shade, depending on who you talk to), that never goes out of style – black. The finish – matt, gloss, sheen – and the shade – jet, midnight, obsidian – while important, can really be interchanged to create any style of look you are trying to achieve. Introducing a few gorgeous


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Outdoor Living

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 7.06.45 am

Where do you go to unwind? My space for unwinding would have to be outdoors on my verandah. A space to relax connected with the nature while still being in the comfort of your home. Now that we are nearly out of winter and the warmer months are soon upon us again, we will be […]

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Styling Your Dresser


Whether it’s just a chest of drawers or a dressing table, these small, functional furniture items can also be a statement piece in your bedroom. Combining their use with some less-functional (read: just there to look pretty!) items, you can create a gorgeous, welcoming space to wake up to in the mornings! Image via Interior […]

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Metallic Makeover

Are you one to not engage in a bit of bling in and around your homes decor?  Have you considered metallics? Metallics are the bling with the industrial facade to get your shine on.  Metal surfaces work a bit like neutrals, they can be incorporated into your homes decor in so many decorating ways. Timber […]

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Renting? Don’t despair, decorate!


The age old problem of renting – not being able to decorate and turn that house into a home. But there are loads of new (and old) tricks you can use. Sticker hooks – these are one of the greatest inventions ever when it comes to decorating! Even home owners can use them. Instead of […]

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Decorating shelves


Decorating shelves can seem like such a difficult task. How to position items? What to even put on shelves? Although the thought of popping a few things on a shelf for easy access and to look good seems like a simple thing, it actually isn’t as simple as it seems. when you look at your […]

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Budget friendly tips


Have you just bought a house or want to re decorate? Here are some budget friendly tips on how to save cut costs If you are re-decorating or buying a new home, this is always an exciting time but remember it’s always a great idea to cut down on expenses. Setting a budget for yourself […]

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Hallway invites


Hallways can set the tone for how we feel about coming into our homes. Here are some tips on how to make this space practical, stylish, and simple ways to make your hallway/entry more inviting. Your hall should receive as much attention as the rest of your home. Even if you think it’s the smallest […]

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Lamps, lanterns and lights


Choosing the right lighting can sometimes seem overwhelming.  The first consideration when choosing any type of lighting is to determine what do you want to achieve in that room.  In the kitchen for example you will be choosing lighting that gives off strong light so you can see when preparing.  In the dinning room you […]

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Scatter Cushions


Do you love the completed look to a room that cushions can make?  Using cushions are a simple way to add texture and colour to a room without losing the rooms main decor facade.  With so many shapes, prints and patterns cushions are definitely a simple and cost effective way to refresh your homes decor […]

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Glorious Gardens


  Everyone loves spending time outside, but sometimes the outdoor area available to us can be less than desirable. It’s all about making the space a relaxed, inviting area, a garden oasis that the whole family can enjoy so below are some tips and tricks to help you create your space! First things first.. – […]

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5 Trending Splash backs!


Gone are the days that kitchen splash backs are traditional tiles. They’re ‘so yesterday’. If you’re looking at designing your new kitchen, or updating your old one, here are 5 splash back styles that are trending right now: 1. Subway tile splash back Yes, this kind of contradicts what I’ve just said, but going from […]

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