Classic Queenslanders


I am a huge lover of old, classic, Queenslander homes.  In this modern age, I feel as though Queenslanders are so rare and unique and contain so much history, maybe that’s why I love the style. I grew up in one myself so they have such a homey feel to me and it is my


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Luxe up your home


Everyone always wants their home to feel and look as luxurious as it can, but a lot of us probably don’t think we have the budget to do so. Fortunately for you, there are some really simple and affordable ways to luxe up your home that  I have shared with you below.   Adding a […]

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Let’s get organised!


Are you looking for stylish ways to organise those messy areas in your home? The internet is a great source of information, and you get lots of fabulous ideas by doing a bit of browsing – but I’ve saved you some trouble and collected some of the best! I’ll start with something small. We all […]

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Induction cooktops


I am finding that induction cooktops are becoming more and more popular, with many options becoming available to consumers. While having a look into them the other day, I came across this nifty new release from Siemens; the freeInduction. The entire top has full-surface, induction technology.  This means that you are free to put your […]

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We’re so in Vogue!


If you haven’t already, you so need to purchase the latest Vogue Living magazine. If you’re a fan of the styles and pieces featured in their magazine, then I have some great news for you! We stock some of the lights featured in their magazine this month! The gorgeous ‘Cage Wall Light’ is available online […]

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Other uses for a media room


Lots of modern homes have media rooms, if you are anything like me you look at it and think “what should I do with this second lounge room?” The great thing is, there are lots of things you can do with this space if you don’t want to use it as a media room! Media […]

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Wall paper- Glamorous or disastrous?


What are your thoughts on wall paper? Personally, I am not the biggest fan of really bold and bright wall paper, I find it can just be a little too over the top, I would much prefer to just have a bold piece of artwork, rather than covering an entire wall in some crazy neon […]

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Ombre for the home


So we’ve all heard of the hair trend ombre right? Well how about ombre for the home! This new trend is quite exciting and can add the pop of colour that your room is in desperate need of. A great example of this has been used to decorate a timber wall starting with the darkest […]

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But What About Fragranite?


Since stainless steel is (and has always been) the standard for kitchen sinks, I think a lot of people are not aware that there are other options available. I’ve recently discovered ‘fragranite’, and I absolutely love the colours and finish. While stainless steel sinks can look great, fragranite sinks seem to give the kitchen a […]

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Creating the perfect walk in robe


More than ever, maximising the space in your home is becoming a necessity. Though we are a society where ‘things’ are getting smaller, we have a lot more material items. I know this is definitely the case for me when it comes to shoes and clothes. When designing your home, it is imperative that the […]

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Winter Hideaways


Winter is fast approaching and some days it’s hard to want to leave the house. I know that would definitely be the case with these cosy yet wonderfully executed rooms. There are so many different looks incorporated into this room, from the old fashioned designed cornice and ceiling rose above the modern lights, to the […]

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Timeless Shacks


I know some people dream of owning a beautiful big home by the water that they can visit whenever they wish and hopefully, one day retire there. A new/ or near new home filled with all the latest modern cons with beautiful caesar stone bench tops and maybe even a pool? But I’ve got my […]

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