Antler Alert & Fauxidermy!!


Have you heard that term before? I’m not referring to realistic, taxidermy heads, but decorative, ceramic or metal heads, like these resin ones. I really can’t explain my current obsession with antlers and animal heads, but every time I see them, I’m tempted to buy them. Maybe it’s the season that has inspired me, although


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Sleek Styles


When decorating a home, choosing the colour palette can be quite difficult. Well have you ever thought of making black your feature? I know I certainly haven’t but it is such an amazing colour to use. It can be used in any room in anyway. Check out some of these stunning ideas.    When decorating a living room I would never think […]

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Polka Dot Crazy


What do you think about Polka Dots? A lot of people tend to think that Polka Dots are for the elderly but for a lot it hits the spot. With a print it’s not always clothes but also equipment. Polka Dot is a pattern that is quite pleasing and popular this is the reason that […]

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Frugal Home Fashion

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 4.47.39 pm

Styling your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune; you can obtain an amazing look no matter what budget you have. Here are some ideas to get you started on your re-decorating projects: Beautiful book shelves There’s nothing like the look of a fully stocked book shelf, but books can be a small fortune. So, […]

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Button Up!


I have a serious love for anything upholstered in the quilted look. It’s so reminiscent of Chanel (not that I have or will own one of the classic quilted bags), boudoirs and luxurious hotel rooms. I love it so much, I even had one tier of my wedding cake done in this style, as well […]

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Cowhide Crazy


Have you noticed lately that cowhides are right on trend in all the best interior magazines. A bit creepy, you think? Maybe but I do think they can look amazing and surprisingly they can look great with any decorating style from contemporary to traditional. And, you don’t have to go with the usual cowboy look, although they […]

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Sensational Spring

Now that Spring is upon us is your home ready? If not theres no need to worry! Spring is all about feeling fresh and light as well as happy. The best way to ensure you’re feeling right is to have your home having a lovely Spring vibe! The best way to do this is simply adding pops of colour.  […]

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Small Bathroom Design Ideas


Do you have a small bathroom space and are wanting to maximise the look of it? When it comes to designing a small bathroom, especially if you’re renovating, it can be hard to decide what you want in there and how to utilise your space. Here are a few tips on small bathroom designs. Firstly […]

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Totally Cute Tea


Spring is here and it’s the perfect time of year for cute garden parties, and no garden party would be complete without some lovely tea and gorgeous treats! Stirling Design have some fantastic new goodies that will inspire you (not that we need it) to host a lovely garden party or high tea for your […]

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The Block Glasshouse (Michael + Carlene’s winning Dining & Living area)


The consistent and quirky style throughout Michael and Carlene’s apartment was evident the moment the judges walked into their living and dining room and they loved it. So what was it about that room that made it a winner?  “They made it a home, that’s the big difference,” Shaynna said. The judges were impressed by […]

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Choosing the right bedding for your home.


Making sure your getting a good night’s sleep is not only important for day to day function, but also for your health! That’s why it’s imperative to make sure you are choosing the right bedding combination to ensure a quality night’s sleep, every night. Here are a few key things that I feel are contributing […]

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Black On Chrome


With the industrial style having come back in a big way, there have been a few different rages of tap ware released in a matt black colour, or chrome with black accents. They are many different designs available, meaning they can suit more than just industrial style, but do you think that they will date? […]

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