Bonsai Trees

I know that i was definitely one of those people who after watching Karate Kid had to run out and buy a Bonsai Tree to experience the true passion and creativity that was to be unleashed by trimming these beautiful trees. Mr Miyagi set the path for what became a huge trend back in the 80’s.  He showed how to gently craft these beautiful trees with a magical pair of shears, it was so inspiring that green thumbs everywhere wanted a piece of the action.  The movement of cutting the tree’s is a sculptors dream & it creates a sense of relaxation unlike any other.  Bonsai Tree’s are something that never go out of fashion & are a great talking point at a dinner party or entertaining guests.  People love hearing stories about how you came about getting one, how much pride you take in the trimmings and what crafty designs you can create.  Once you get one i guarantee you its addictive!  Did anyone else get addicted by the craze?