Christmas Cooking

Christmas Cooking

Christmas Cooking Are you struggling to find some simple recipes in preparation for Christmas? I know I do! So I have picked out a couple of recipes I’m interested in this christmas. I have a big family and like to try and mix it up a bit and have a variety of food to choose […]

DIY Home Projects

DIY Home Projects

  Do you want to do some DIY round your home and don’t know how? There are many ways to get creative in your own home from small projects to big projects or easy to complex projects! You never know how easy something may be until you try it! Now les talk about getting creative! […]

Christmas Styling


Are you prepared for Christmas? Christmas would have to be one of my favourite holidays during the year. It’s the time of year when family and friends spend much needed time together to share love, joy and presents!! This fabulous season seems to come along quicker and quicker each year. So if you aren’t ready […]

Changing up your BBQ area!


Is your barbecue area just irritating you and you need to change? Here are some great ideas for outdoor areas of all sizes that will make you and the family want to spend every night outside. This outdoor area is definitely a place for entertaining the family, with a large 6 burner barbecue and wood […]

Dressing your windows


Do you prefer your windows dressed or undressed? When completing your homes internal decor do you like the idea of show casing your windows dressed with furnishings to suit?  Here are some great ideas for furnishing your windows from Luxaflex – Aluminium shutters to enlose your back alfresco not only give privacy and protection […]

About Wearing Memories


About Wearing Memories Many people don’t know about the company Wearing Memories.  So i decided to do a questionaire with lovely Kiron Barui the Creative Director of Wearing Memories. 1. Tell us about you and your position within the brand. Hi I am the desginer and CEO of Wearing Memories. 2. What inspires you […]

Interior Fails

Interior Fails

Interior Fails   What’s a trend that you wish you could forget? I am normally not much of a risk taker in normal life but when it comes to interior design I am the direct opposite. From an early age I use to change my room around at least once every few months till I […]

Easy Outdoor Entertaining

Home of Caroline Verschoor, Ekster Antiques & Uniques, Summer Party
Home of Caroline Verschoor, Ekster Antiques & Uniques, Summer Party

With the warmer months upon us there is nothing more rejuvenating than getting outdoors, taking in the fresh air and getting the socialising scene up and entertaining.  Do you have the room in your backyard to create that entertaining design. Love hosting a good barbecue?  Simple storage ideas for you cutlery are small tin buckets […]

Feature bed heads!


Bed Head Styling! Today’s blog is all about bed head styling! Whether you are compromised for space or are just looking for a fabulous feature, bedheads are perfect staple pieces to style your room around. Look one is always going to be a favourite. Industrial meets shabby chic in this recycled timber bed head. Without […]

3 Ways To Hide Your Laundry

3 Ways To Hide Your Laundry

  Laundry’s are usually over looked when it comes to designing your own home. But with some clever thinking and smart use of space, it can do wonders. In whatever space you chose to create a fully functional laundry which doesnt need to be displayed but needs to be accessible. So instead of adding an […]

Transform your backyard this spring!


Have you pondered what to do with the empty space in your backyard?  Put it in the two hard basket? Don’t know where to start or What to do? Let us help you with a few ideas and inspire you to start transforming your property.  No matter the size of the area or your budget […]

Wardrobe Warrior


Is your wardrobe as organised as you would like it to be? I know mine isn’t. Walking into a messy wardrobe can sometimes put you in a bad mood and it’s also not as easy to find things. As the warmer months arrive why not give the old wardrobe a clean out? Swap over your […]