Bohemian Chic Trend !


What is a Bohemian Chic styling trend you may ask? To put it bluntly, its what ever you want it to be, as long as it includes greenery, bright colours, pom-poms and anything that is a mix between pattern and texture! You may have heard of “Boho Chic” which is just an urban phrase for […]

Bedroom Blues!


Are you thinking of redecorating or styling your bedroom? Are you stuck on what colours to use? Trending at the moment is BLUE bedrooms, and not just a single shade of blue, any kind of blue you can think of it. Blue is the colour between violet and green on a colour chart, so when […]

Home Office TRENDS!

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  Do you find it hard to make you home office both functional and look stylish at the same time? Well, don’t stress. You aren’t alone! Home offices obliviously don’t have to look professional, unless of course you run a business from home, and will have clients in and out of your office! But for […]

Triumphal Tropics

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As summer approaches it brings with it the excitement of knowing its time for your seasonly home make-over. This summer is all about inviting the cool, crisp, relaxing atmosphere of the tropics into your home interior. Green is such an underrated colour and when most people think about using it in their homes they often […]

Tropical Green


Would you consider bringing tropical green into your home? Tropical green is such an outstanding colour that brings life to a room. This can be incorporated through plants, feature walls, cushions, wallpaper and even cabinetry. Also nothing screams the warmer seasons than tropical green. You can make this gorgeous colour and theme in a casual […]

Tropical Green meets Sunshine Yellow!


Sounds like an odd colour combination that one would think if put together would be very patriotic and bright. But below are some examples of how the two colours can work perfectly together without feeling like we have themed our home for Australia Day.     It has been proven that colour affects our mood […]

Green & Blue!


Would you ever think of pairing green and blue together in your home? This pair is often found in boy’s room, but it is such beautiful mix, so why wouldn’t you spread it throughout your home?   Would you ever think of pairing green and blue together in your home? This pair is often found […]

Green with ENVY!

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Is your home craving some green with envy? Ever thought of adding a fun tropical flare of greens to your home? Be inspired by touches of exotic flare throughout your home. Green is a representation of nature and is most abundant. A relaxing colour to the eye giving a refreshing tonic green. Use a multitude […]

Tropical Green LOVE!


If you’ve ever been to the Beverly Hill’s Hotel you will find miles of this beautiful palm leaf wallpaper everywhere. If you haven’t but you love it as much as I do it’s possible to create your own Beverly Hills feel at home yourself. There are many companies reinventing this look and there are those […]

Bright décor!


  Is your home lacking bright colours? As much as neutrals colours are on trend right now, bright colours equally are! If you are in love with the bright colour trend, you could easily purchase and DIY a bunch of décor. Any old pillows you have laying around, purchase bright fabric paint and give them […]

Minimalist Styling – Bedroom Edition!


  Minimalist styling is being seen more and more, in styling magazines and blogs lately. Years ago, having a ton of decorative pieces in your bedroom was the trend, but today, people are clearing their space, and having very minimal styling pieces on display.   Bedrooms are the room in your house, which is the […]

Grey is the new Black!

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  One of the biggest trends in both interior design and building is the colour GREY! Grey is such a classic colour; it’s a neutral, like black and white. But it’s not as harsh as either of those colours. Grey goes with anything, it can be paired with bright’s, pastel’s and of course other neutral […]