Mint Condition


Mint Condition We are loving the fresh spring colour of MINT this season.  Mint is taking the fashion world by storm and the interior decorating crews are having a field day with this one.  If you want to move with the trend but make a statement that is easily changed why not try a few […]

Bring the sunshine in!


BRING THE SUNSHINE IN! Is your home feeling a little gloomy? Want to enjoy that gorgeous sunlight inside your home without overloading the amount windows?  Or do you have a dark hallway that you are forever turning the lights on?  We have the perfect solution! Skylights are an ideal way to lighten up your home […]

Antique Treasures


Antique Treasures   For some stand out features in your garden try adding some French styled pieces.  The zinc bath shown in the first photo once would have been lined in linen and filled with steaming water but now creates a perfect feature in the garden.  Antique pieces are ideal to add around your outdoors […]

Getting the most out of your furniture!


These days lounge settings can be pricey investments, so it’s important to take care of them and keep them for as long as possible.  Here are some tips on extending the life of your lounge setting and keeping it clean!   Clean and protect the fabric regularly.  Use 3M Scotchgard protector and for spot cleaning […]

Centre Pieces


Decorating your table for a special occasion whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner just became easy! You can create stunning centerpieces using everyday items found in and around the home.   To create a beautiful spring feel to your table, add sliced pieces of lemon, orange or lime into a simple mason jar with […]

Starry Driveway


Starry Driveway Check out this stunning starry driveway!  Having this driveway at your home would make strolls in the evening more beautiful then ever. This effect is achieved by mixing glow stones (generally found in aquariums) with gravel to create a luminescent cover.  According to Jinan Chenghao Technology, “When exposed to light sources, the photo […]

Bathroom Renovation!


If you’re looking at your drab, old bathroom and wishing you could upgrade it without the price tag that usually comes with a bathroom reno, read on!   To turn a plain bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary without spending the earth all you need to do is add one striking feature.  We love these ideas […]

Housewarming Treats


The best thing about having your home styled and completed to your hearts content is to have a housewarming party! Of course the number one thing at a house warming is the food.  Cupcakes are a sweet little treat that everyone enjoys.  Present your cupcakes in style to compliment your stunning home with this incredibly […]

New Caesarstone Styles


We are so excited about the new release of the Caesarstone range.  We love texture and designer looks and this collection ticks all the boxes.  Caesarstone is pleased to announce the addition of the Crocodile pattern in in the popular snow colour to the Motivo patterned texture collection. “Perfectly complimenting the White Lace and Black Crocodile […]

Timber Floors, how to revive them


Do you have scratched timber or bamboo floors? Need a working solution? Gilly Stephenson’s Waxes & Polishes offer a pale wood floor polish and a dark wood floor polish that is easy to use and have been tried and tested for nearly 30 years.  There’s nothing better than having beautiful scratch free and glossy timber […]

Country Treasure


Are you trying to update your home country style?  We have found a great new website that you have to, have to, check out!  Country Treasure is a beautiful shop in the country that offers gorgeous babywear, homewares, knits, nightwear, stationary and wool.  This boutique has amazing little treasures that will inspire any home.  This […]

Bring your living to life with Pine


Pine Perfection Having warm plywood walls and ceilings captures the spirit of the 70s and lightens up the room to create a relaxed feel.  The natural ambiance is not only relaxing and soothing on the spirit but is also very fashion forward!  Using vibrant colours in rugs and accessories and incorporating plants to contrast with […]