About Arthur Ave.

One of the popular brands in our store for kids clothing is Arthur Ave. The inspiration behind the style of this company was from Natasha being brought up and being able to put her design input into outfits that were hand made from her mother and grandmother while she was younger. She knew this was her passion and undertook study in fashion design.  To begin her dream she started off doing local markets, making designs from recycled fabrics to create a vintage feel. She now has her own kids clothing line. Below I have selected just only a few of her gorgeous pieces.

Embellished Dress

Arthur Ave


The popular embellished dress is a garden dress with unique detail around the waist. The bodice is made from a white eon white textured cotton lace. On the lower left hand side of the waist line, is hand sewn embellishment that ties back around. The skirt layer of the dress is a soft pink material with small white spots. The finishing touches are defined with rows of fine lace on the hem line
White Formal Onesie Short Sleeve

Arthur Ave


This gorgeous formal onesie is complete with a bow tie, collar and pin tucks. The onesie is made from white cotton with white lapel including the pin tucks and black buttons, also featuring a black bow tie.

1900’s Playsuit Vintage

Arthur Ave


The vintage playsuit was inspired by the 1900’s era with their cotton under garments. This playsuit is made from soft pink material with small white dots in cotton. Detailed buttons have been sewn down the centre of the playsuit to allow for easier access. The waist is cinched with a gorgeous grogram ribbon.

Tailored Shorts

Arthur Ave


These shorts are a made with a black textured material with the black being the background and with the white running through it. The material is made from coating and elastic around the back waist. There are detailed small buttons on the front of the shorts, stitched over the front pleats.

All of Arthur Aves garments are made true to size.

If you would like to know more about Arthur Ave or Natasha Dwyer visit http://www.arthurave.com.au/index.html