Baby Talk

Are you or someone you know having a baby?

This is a very exciting time for the family and preparing for such a special time is always fun. Top of the list would be the nursery.
There are a few important points to consider when setting up the nursery.





Pick a room

The nursery needs to be ideally next to the parents room so that it is easy to access so you can be there straight away. Also make sure that the nursery is away from any major noise and make sure that the insulation is great.






Choose a paint that is safe for your baby as some can be not good for the babies health. Easy clean and water resistant paint is the best option.
In the way of colours its a great idea to pick a calming colour such as light pastels.




When choosing furniture it is important that the pieces are safe and are functioning. The major furniture pieces include the cot, a comfortable chair, storage space and change table. It is best to get pieces that complement each other so the room comes together well.





Keep it simple

There are so many gorgeous things you can get out there now to fill a nursery but just remember to keep it simple. Make sure all items are child friendly and don’t over crowd you don’t want it to be a place that has too many things that it becomes a cluttered room.


How would you decorate your nursery?