Styling with bookcases

We are obsessed to make every room of a home more stylish and love sharing all of our tips and tricks for you to do. Bookcases can easily become a mess and as they are on display lets get some fabulous ideas to style up a storm in your bookcase area, or even if you don’t have a book case maybe all you need are some ideas.

Bookcase Ideas 1

 Are you short on space? this is a great idea on how to store all your favourite books in one area. With just a little touch of greenery and art to set off area! This style is something not only can you easily do but easy to create.
Bookcase 2
Is your style, less is more? We are in love with these floating shelves that is styled with the theme of black, white and blonde timber with a touch of greenery. Not cluttering every shelve is the key to this look and displaying your favourite items makes this style for any corner of your room.
Bookcase 3
If you already have shelves in your home? why not add make more of a statement and paint the back wall a darker colour! This is a bold move but we love how it make a stylish wow to this space.
Three on trend styles for you to do at home!
Images via pinterest