Study rooms in your home!

When living in a crowded environment, we dream of that special personal cave where you can relax, think, and have some well-deserved alone time, all the while being productive. And even though the images that come to mind when thinking “study” are leather chairs, cigars, a bar hidden in a rich wooden library, it’s not just bachelors or frowsy writers that love this type of alone-room.

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Fact is, if you work from home or have a job that involves even the most unpretentious level of creativity, you’ll find the study room a great place to go. As there are dressing rooms and wellness-bathrooms to indulge our body to the toes, a study is almost as intimate — the boudoir for our intellect.


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A study should be, above all, practical. Size is not as important as good organization. Your mind won’t drift away as easily as in a vast salon, but a modestly sized study does need a certain degree of tidiness.

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Make sure you have the right lighting. Different activities require varying degrees of illumination. If you have the liberty of choosing any space you like, settle the room orientation according to the office type you are.

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A spectacular and inspirational place for a study can be in the attic, under a pronounced gable, by a large window to the sky, especially for graphic work or technical drawing.


Let us know where your best place for study would be in the comments below.